Welcome to Department of Neuroergonomics

"By the term Ergonomics, derived from Greek ergon - work, and nomos - principle or law, we mean the Science of Work, that is the use of Man's forces and faculties with which he has been endowed by his Maker."

Wojciech Jastrzebowski, Nature and Industry, No. 29, 1857


"Neuroergonomics investigates the neural bases of mental functions and physical performance in relation to technology, work, leisure, transportation, healthcare, and other settings in the real world"

Raja Parasuraman, Theor. Issues in Ergon. Sci., Vol. 4: 5-20, 2003

The research team of the Department of Neuroergonomics is carrying out scientific projects that implement simultaneous eye tracking with dense EEG and fMRI techniques.

Our research focus on neuroergonomics, i.e. studies of human neuronal mechanism of learning, decision making, error detection, conflict monitoring and attentional processes, in relation to following factors:

  • mental workload,
  • fatigue & sleepiness,
  • chronic sleep deficit,
  • emotions and motivation,
  • diurnal rhythm,
  • chronotypes.