Dense Array EEG Lab

The Dense Array EEG Lab is equiped with 256-channel electroencephalogram (EGI Geodesic System 300), photogrammetric system (Geodesic Photogrammetry System) and the full software package (Net Station, GeoSource). An integral part of the system is the E-Prime software (Psychology Software Tools) that is responsible for the presentation of stimuli (visual and / or auditory) to the subject. Moreover, the Dense Array EEG System is equipped with eye-tracking system (Smart Eye). Smart Eye is integration with both NetStation and E-Prime Softwares what enables conducting experiments with saccadic task design.

Additionally, the laboratory has licenses to software for advanced analysis of EEG data: MatLab, BESA and Brain Voyager. Together, the software allows not only the standard analysis of the data (i.e., frequency analysis and the analysis of evoked potentials ERP), but also the localization of the sources of bioelectrical brain activity, the implementation of advanced statistical analysis separating independent sources of activity as well as the integration of the results obtained with other neuroimaging techniques (magnetic resonance imaging).

The dEEG System is an excellent tool for neuropsychological testing at the highest scientific level, as compared with the commonly used apparatus (32, 64 electrodes), it allows a more accurate measurement of brain electrical activity (high temporal resolution – measuring every 1 millisecond), the removal of artifacts without loss of data and precise location of sources of activity.