Magnetic Resonance Lab

Magnetic Resonance Lab is located within the Neurobiology Department of Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology, Jagiellonian University.

The inauguration of the Centre is planned on 13th of May 2014.


MR lab equipment:

3T Magnetom Skyra (Siemens) scanner:

  • 64-channel head coil
  • 32-channel head coil
  • 20-chennel head/neck coil
  • flexible coils for other applications

NNL system for stimuli presentation and response acquisition and eye-tracking system

PST system for response acquisition

Brain Products system for galvanic skin response and 3D movement registration


Available techniques:

  • structural MRI
  • functional MRI
  • perfusion
  • diffusion
  • angiography
  • diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)
  • proton spectroscopy

See photos from scanner installation





Head: Aleksandra Domagalik


Piotr Faba

Monika Cichocka

Kamil Cepuch